Svetlana’s artistic talent is deeply rooted in her family that includes such prominent figures as Lilia Karchikyan, the artist’s mother, an internationally-renowned portrait painter. Karchikyan' s works are highly sought after and often commissioned by prominent world figures and leaders, including the U.S. president and first family members. Interestingly, Svetlana’s great grandfather (Karchikyan’s grandfather) was of the noble Abakumov family and the portrait painter of the Russian Imperial Court, whose models included Russian Emperors and members of the Imperial Family.

Since early childhood, Svetlana’s passion and gift for painting have been apparent as she spent her days experimenting with colors and patterns in her favorite playground, her mother’s art studio. Here, Svetlana painted her first artwork at the young age of 3. Svetlana has studied with the great Italian and Armenian masters who have profoundly influenced her art. Svetlana’s works had received international recognition since 2008, when her works were first exhibited in Florida, USA. Since then, Svetlana’s works have been exhibited worldwide in many prestigious exhibitions, solo shows, art auctions, and charity events. Svetlana currently works and resides in the United States.


Armenian Peacock Collection


Armenian Peacock Collection is a line of exquisite Armenian artwork consisting of a collection of tea and coffee glasses of clothing and much more. The creator Svetlana Karchikyan is a famous artist who created not only her original Armenian letters, which are a collection of 39 letters of the Armenian alphabet that made in the form of a peacock. Svetlana Karchikyan, having carefully studied the peculiarities of Armenian culture, was able to create this logo in the form of a circle with letters that reflect her aesthetic taste and approach to Armenian culture. The collection embodies the impeccable unity of love and the desire for artistic excellence that give this brand uniqueness and originality. Brand Svetlana Karchikyan was created in 2019 thanks to Svetlana's talent and Nelly Asatryan, who can bring all ideas to life. She made a considerable contribution to implementing all ideas for this project. The joint work gave its results, and the world saw the Armenian culture in a new, more modern reincarnation.

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